Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

WATERTEC is a leading Indian water company in the design, supply and installation of water and wastewater treatment solutions.

The company recognizes its responsibilities to its staff, customers, the general public and the environment. As a socially conscious entity we work with a variety of stakeholders and recognize that our approach to our activities needs to address a variety of concerns and interests.

WATERTEC conforms to all regulatory and legislative requirements pertinent to its sector and environment. The company's objectives for corporate social responsibilities are:

  • Communication to our policies, both internal and external
  • Consistent community support and involvement
  • Continuous improvement at all levels of the business
  • Making sure that our customers choose us first and they share our vision
  • Making sure that our suppliers are part of our initiatives and achievements
  • Implementation of a sustainable procurement policy
  • Protecting and supporting our human resources
  • Recognizing our responsibilities in carbon reduction in all of our processes
  • Recognizing our responsibilities in protecting the environment

Commitment to Our Community

WATERTEC remains an integral part of the community. Notwithstanding our nationwide coverage, the organization is committed and involved with our local communities.

WATERTEC is conscious and aware that our actions and activities have an impact on our communities. Community involvement and consultation during projects is an essential part of what we do. Our commitment to our integrated management system for health and safety, quality, environment and energy continues to support the business in its growth and ensures that we are a valuable part of all communities in which we operate.

Supporting Nation Building with Vision 2020

WATERTEC whole-heartedly supports the initiatives taken by Indian government: