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A New Visual Identity for WATERTEC Enterprises

25 March 2016

Deciphering the WATERTEC's New Visual Identity

  New Delhi: Changing your visual identity does not mean changing your personality. For WATERTEC, what is involved is asserting its unique positioning that has continually changed, modernized and grown. This is why, with a view to strong, unifying communication, it was essential to reorganize its visual identity.

New Look Web Site Portal for WATERTEC Enterprises Launched

31 March 2016

New Delhi: WATERTEC Enterprises has renewed its website to provide a superior service and improved interaction with website visitors, who can now enjoy an easier and simpler, able to adapt to any device navigation.

The company has decided to reinvent launching this easy-to-use website with which to offer its customers all the information and products, without losing its essence of proximity as well as quality.

With a fresh new website design, has a simple, fixed and accessible menu for quick access to corporate and business information, in addition to new modules with information that enhances the functionality and interaction with users.

We invite you to browse and explore the new site. The updated portal is designed with a clean, fresh new look and user-friendly navigation. Several product pages have been updated, including the most current advancements in product modules. You will also be able to review technical specifications and watch related product and market information.

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