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Demineralisation Plant Manufacturers

April 16, 2022 156 people Latest news

As mentioned above, the salts and minerals present in water carry negatively charged ions called anions and positively charged ions called cations. Both these types get attracted by their counterions i.e. ions carrying the opposite charge. These plants feature an IX column containing resins that consist of plastic beads. During the process of demineralization, the ionic functional group gets attached to these beads. These are functional groups that work by holding the ions carrying the opposite charge loosely through a process called mutual electrostatic attraction. When an ion-exchange cycle is underway, water containing dissolved ions comes in contact with the resin. Ions present in the solution exchange their place with those present on the beads. These ions remain attached to the functional groups of the resins even when the resulting liquid gets drained away. Ion exchange occurs when an ion possesses a greater affinity towards a functional group than the ions the group already carries. The type of ionic contaminants found in the group will decide whether the process would need cationic resins or anionic resins. In most ion-exchange reactions, the exchange replaces the contaminant ions with less objectionable ions. For instance, the ion exchange sodium softening process is carried out to eliminate hardness ions like Mg2+ or Ca2+ from the solution and replace them with less harmful sodium ions or Na+. Once the process is over, the solution will have little or no hardness but will have a higher concentration of Na+.

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